Eating out with diabetes

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October 13, 2020

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If you like to pack your lunch, that’s fine. That way you know your macronutrients and what you’re eating. Moreover, homemade food is more… real and not packed with a bunch of other stuff found in supermarkets.

But you cannot avoid family gatherings or special occasions in restaurants!

So… that leaves us to eat out with diabetes.

The most important thing is to know what’s in your food, especially if you’re injecting insulin. You should know at the very least how many carbohydrates you’re going to consume. And it’s tricky when you don’t have nutritional menus in front of you.

Here are some methods and food suggestions for sticking to your diabetic meal plan when dining out.

Be a few steps ahead

If you know that your evening is going to end up in a restaurant, plan ahead your meal options. If you know the place quite well, it’s going to be easier to narrow the menu assortment. However, if you’re caught up in a new delhi around the corner - it’s best to check their menu online (of course, if they have it).

Not all the food-chain restaurants have nutritional menus. But it won’t hurt to ask or consult with a server or a manager.

Remember, small portions!

Big plates of food can trigger your blood glucose level. Nowadays, restaurants put way more to the dish than the regular portion size should be. Try to monitor your food intake. A perfect, balanced plate should look like this: ½ veggies, ¼ grains, ¼ protein. Fruit, milk or other types of garnish can be on the side.

Choose healthy foods

Thoroughly check the menu for rich foods (foods that have lots of fiber and protein). Fibre slows the rise in blood glucose levels and helps you feel full. Also, make sure to avoid deep-fried high fat foods. Instead, choose grilled, roasted, steamed items, lean meat, legumes, poultry.

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