Techniques for speeding up your metabolism

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July 17, 2020

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I’m sure you've heard people saying: “oh, in my young days I could eat anything and not stress about it”, “enjoy your burgers until you get older” etc. Yes, people are talking about metabolism.

Firstly, what IS metabolism?

In short, imagine metabolism as some sort of constantly working clock mechanism with its different gears and fluffing cogs. This whole circulation is responsible for all the reactions happening inside your body: from breathing to repairing cells and digesting food.

And for our topic, a high metabolism means losing weight quickly and having more energy throughout the day!

It’s natural that with age metabolism “slows down”, meaning you have to put more attention into your eating habits and general lifestyle. Metabolic processes slow down, because the activity level reduces and muscle tissues are not that strong. Not everybody is blessed with high metabolism but hey, there are ways to speed it up again or just to keep it on balance!

3 main criteria to keep in mind:

  • Sleep. It’s never enough! Forget the phrase “sleep is for the weak”, it doesn’t apply here. Sleeping enough makes your body fully regenerate throughout the night and helps the inner processes to work more smoothly. Trust me, your body will definitely feel when you’re not rested enough or have a disbalanced sleeping routine.

  • Protein-Rich foods. And lots of it! Protein meals will boost your metabolism up to 15-30 % for a couple of hours. A rule in general, eat well and enough. Fruits, veggies, nutritious ingredients will speed your body’s mechanism.

  • More training. No, we’re not forcing you to triple the amount of exercise you’re doing per week. Active lifestyle and dynamic workout tend to increase metabolic rate. Especially strength training, lifting heavy weights or high-intensity workouts are for the win - they sculpt and build your muscle tone.

Try adjusting these methods to your daily routine and see the changes.

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