When to test your blood sugar levels

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September 20, 2020

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Why is it important to test your blood sugar levels? Aren’t the medicine, diets ands healthy lifestyle enough? As a matter of fact – in some cases, it’s not. And here’s why. 

The main reason for you to test your blood glucose is to see if the levels are balanced and stable. And all the little details in your everyday routine can slightly or rapidly change those levels. Food, sleep, stress, physical activity, type of medication you’re using - it all adds up!

The frequency of blood glucose tests usually varies according to the type of diabetes you have. For example, those who have type 1 diabetes may have to do it more frequently than those who have, let’s say type 2 diabetes. In both cases, regular monitoring is invaluable for both glucose control and delaying clinical complications related to the condition. 

When to test your blood sugar levels

Feeling ill, weird or sleepy?

If you feel dizziness or have weird symptoms in your body (maybe a fever or a soft cough) - don’t push away these red flags. They are the perfect indicators that your blood sugar levels may be disbalanced or low. If that’s the case, it won’t harm you to check your blood glucose more often than usual.


Meals & snacks

Some people are used to checking their blood sugar concentration a couple of hours before and after their meal. Both practices are useful because you can see which foods or medications affect your sugar levels.


Active lifestyle and important tasks

Working out or going to the gym doesn’t have to be a burden, even when you have diabetes. Checking your glucose before and after the exercise can help you decide if you need to eat a snack to stay energized and ready to sweat!


NOTE: Most importantly, your blood glucose testing frequency should be discussed with your doctor and adjusted to your condition, personal fluctuations and lifestyle.

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