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Grace, Texas
Validated customer
“MyDiabetes plan is like a treasure map to wellness. I’ve found the treasure already – I’ve reversed a Type 2!”
Emily, Massachusetts
Validated customer
“My only regret is that I didn’t get MyDiabetes plan earlier. It’s a life-saver, literally!”
Richard, Florida
Validated customer
“It’s easy to start using a MyDiabetes plan, it’s easy to follow & results are surprising. I’d recommend for everyone with Type 2.”
Caroline, Texas
Validated customer
“My sugar levels stabilised after two months of MyDiabetes Diet”

Real life success stories

Claudia, Houston


I work night shifts at the hospital. Can you imagine how difficult it is to eat healthy on a schedule like that? Planning my meals used to be a nightmare, especially since I have type 2 diabetes. Now that I have MyDiabetes.Diet meal plan I don’t even need to think what I need to eat – it shows me exactly what I should eat to stay healthy and keep my blood sugar levels at the right norm. Recommend it to everyone!

John, Los Angeles


Once I found out that I have diabetes I knew I had to do something about my diet. I started working out and eating healthy. I tried a few meal plans that were offering diabetes control, but I hated that some of the ingredients were either too expensive or I can’t find them at the store. MyDiabetes.Diet makes it simple – their plans are personalized so I can choose what I want to eat. I feel ten times better than I used to and I save lots of money when buying only the food I need.

Mike, Chicago


I’m not a nutritionist. I have no idea how to control my carb intake. But as someone with diabetes, I don’t have the luxury to be so careless about it. Like, I used to eat less carbs than I need, which was why I felt tired all the time. My wife found MyDiabetes.Diet and bought me the meal plan. Everything is calculated for me, there are lots of really tasty meal suggestions and even the option to change ingredients I don’t like. Thanks!

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