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Type 2 Diabetes

How I lost 30 lbs, dropped my A1c from 9 to 5.6, and stopped diabetes complications

By Diana Isaacs

My eyesight was getting worse, I was having bladder issues and was constantly tired. My joints were also hurting… I felt left alone with my diabetes diagnosis and had no useful advice from my doctor. Then I discovered a solution that helped me realize I don’t have to give up my favorite foods to be healthy. 

This is how my life changed once I started using Klinio. 

Klinio was just what I was looking for...

The meal plan consisted of various meals for the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even dessert. And the options for these meals were super delicious!

Not only were they very tasty, but they also came with nutritional information about the calories, sugar, cholesterol, fats, fiber, and other macronutrients.

All I needed was a structure and a plan to deal with my diabetes and prevent various complications.

And I found it – a multifunctional app that created the entire plan for my diabetes management. 

After about 6 months of using the Klinio app, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds. 

My blood sugar levels have been at a normal level for the past two months – between 95 and 100mg/dl. 

My A1C has also dropped from 9% to 5.6%, and I’m off all medication. 

It might sound unreal, but even the blurriness is gone, my joints don’t hurt, and my ankles don’t get swollen as much as they used to. 

I finally feel that I'm not living with a disability anymore. 

So, if you’re like me – searching for a structure or a plan to deal with diabetes and continue living a fulfilling lifestyle, try out Klinio. You definitely won’t regret it.

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I have type 2 diabetes and struggle to find delicious meals that won't affect my sugar. That's why I love Klinio because I can eat whenever I want and even have delicious snacks and desserts like cupcakes. I would still feel great at the end of the day because the meals suggested in the app are fully created the way I like.
At first, I was very skeptical about this app but now I think that it was one of the best decisions of my life. People do not believe I lost that much weight without exercising! But I did. The best part is that it took me no effort at all. Klinio helped me take back control of my diabetes! Cannot recommend it enough.
I was immediately amazed at how easy the recipes were to follow. The food was fantastic too. What I think sets Klinio apart from all others is that it's not a diet. It's a total lifestyle change for me