“Hi, my name’s Josh and I have the Klinio app since April. I got it during the lockdown when I hit my weight record – 230 lbs (I’m 5’11”).

Honestly, I worried that at 230 lbs nothing will help me lose weight, especially when I failed so many diets in the past. But the Klinio meal plan turned out to be super easy to follow. This boosted my confidence immediately.

I realized I must take action because being so out of shape negatively affected my blood sugars, not to mention my mental well-being. At first, I worried if this app would work for me, but the Klinio app was so easy to follow that I fell in love with it right away.

It completely adjusted to my diabetes type, BMI index (30), age (37), and helped me set realistic weight loss goals for the upcoming month.

By six months out, I had lost 50 pounds and my blood sugars had dropped by 1.3%. The Klinio app gave me recipes and many useful tips for diabetes management at home. So, I’m nearly under 150 pounds now. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier.”

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I have type 2 diabetes and struggle to find delicious meals that won't affect my sugar. That's why I love Klinio because I can eat whenever I want and even have delicious snacks and desserts like cupcakes. I would still feel great at the end of the day because the meals suggested in the app are fully created the way I like.
At first, I was very skeptical about this app but now I think that it was one of the best decisions of my life. People do not believe I lost that much weight without exercising! But I did. The best part is that it took me no effort at all. Klinio helped me take back control of my diabetes! Cannot recommend it enough.
I was immediately amazed at how easy the recipes were to follow. The food was fantastic too. What I think sets Klinio apart from all others is that it's not a diet. It's a total lifestyle change for me