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How a Binge-Eater Lost 55 Lbs Before Summer Doing Nothing Else Than Enjoying a Special Meal Plan

Hi, my name is Rebecca Miles, and I live in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

My story is that I lost 55 lbs just before summer. 

I struggled with my weight gain for over 32 years, and for most of my life, I weighed 220 lbs. 

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with prediabetes with high blood pressure.

But I was overweight and doing these things became hard.

I didn’t want my weight to keep me from enjoying life to the fullest.

But I struggled to lose weight my entire life because I didn’t know how to keep up with diets properly.

Every time I’d lose weight, I would regain it all soon enough.

None of the radical diets or trendy pills have ever worked for me.

I definitely knew where this was going, but I never knew it would get this far. 

Like not being able to tie my shoelaces or put on my socks while standing.

Not being able to put on my pants without sitting down…

Being out of breath after doing little chores around the house…

Lacking the energy to get out of bed when I wanted to…

I ignored all of these signs…

Finally, I realized how much weight I had gained when I went shopping with my two youngest daughters.

A woman behind me at the checkout asked, “I guess you are hoping for a boy this time?”  

I just looked at her, and she asked, “When are you due?”

It was extremely embarrassing, and it finally hit home.

I needed something different that worked for me. I just needed to find it.

I could remember that my co-worker, Cynthia, used to be a little bigger than I was.

But now, she’s completely transformed and glowing.

It almost made me jealous of her.  So I asked her for advice.

Cynthia recommended the Klinio app to me.

I quickly googled Klinio to find out more about it.

I took the free quiz as instructed.

I was asked a couple of questions and was given a personalized meal plan that fit all of my answers.

Without hesitation, I informed my doctor about Klinio.

Luckily, he gave me the green light to go ahead.

Then I began my new journey to bliss.

The main and most important feature of the Klinio app for me was the personalized meal plan.

When I read that Klinio was created by people who specialize in diabetes treatment, I decided to take the jump and try it.

To my surprise, I started to notice changes during the first weeks.

And within two weeks, I lost 5 lbs!

I didn’t even crave soda or candy as I usually would.

I made good eating choices without thinking about it.

It was an amazing experience for me.

Now, I no longer eat after my hunger has been satisfied.

After months of using the app, I couldn’t believe my results.

The scale was showing 50 pounds less.

I can’t even describe how wonderful it is to wear clothing that wouldn’t fit before. 

I definitely have more confidence in my future, and my prediabetes does not seem as scary as before.

Seeing how my habit and nutritional changes helped me achieve my weight goals made me feel proud of myself. 

And I melted those pounds just before summer!

I do believe my weight loss and the changes I made in my eating habits are permanent.

That’s why I’ve already recommended the Klinio app to many friends (yes, even the same ones who haven’t supported me).

For me, this simple app was life-changing.

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