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How Eva Lowered Her Blood Glucose and Lost Over 25lbs While on Menopause

There comes a time in every woman’s life when you must face the inevitable –  menopause.

The hot flashes, the mood swings, the sleepless nights… 

You get it all for the price of one peaceful life that you’ve been living up until that point. 

At 40, I found myself dealing with a double challenge: not only was I going through menopause, but I also got diagnosed with diabetes. So now, I was juggling two life-changing conditions at the same time.

It felt as though I was on a constantly spinning carousel.

In one seat, there was the unpredictability of blood sugar levels, from frustrating highs to frightening lows. And in the other, the exhaustion, mood swings, and those uninvited hot flashes.

Like with everything else in life, you don’t get a tutorial on how to do things. You learn as you go.

And I found strength in learning. 

The day I balanced my sugars just right, the time I managed my symptoms while attending my daughter’s graduation, and the mornings I made myself go on that walk despite feeling like I couldn’t – those are the days I felt the strongest and like I had everything under control.

But there were difficult days, too. 

On those days, I would have to hype myself up not to give up because I couldn’t do that to my kids or my husband. 

An exhausted mother and a moody wife – those were not names I wanted to be associated with.

So, on one of those bad days, I came across Klinio. 

‘I read every article, every study about diabetes, it can’t give me anything that I wouldn’t already know’ – I thought to myself. But then again, I didn’t have anything to lose if I tried it. 

So I did.

And I haven’t looked back ever since.

The Klinio app offered personalized meal plan recipes, easy home workouts, and trackers for people with diabetes and those battling weight issues. 

It was like having a personal health coach right in my pocket.

Incorporating Klinio into my life made a huge difference. 

I had a clearer roadmap of the foods to eat, workouts that suited my unique needs, and a tracker that kept me in check. 

The best part was that this app was curated for people like me, making our journey a little less daunting.

While the carousel never truly stops spinning, it spun at a slower pace. And I was finally able to enjoy the ride.

Enjoy being with my kids and not getting tired after running around the yard with them. 

Enjoy going on dates with my husband and appreciating the company without being irritated about small, unimportant things.

Enjoy my own company without the constant guilt that I am not doing everything I can to be the best version of myself. 

My blood sugar levels stabilized within the optimal range of 95 to 100mg/dl, my A1C levels decreased, and I felt confident in my body again after losing more than 25 pounds.

And my menopause stopped giving me a hard time constantly – fewer hot flashes, and my energy returned.

This journey has taught me to cherish my body, value my strength, and appreciate the people I am surrounded by. 

And I thank Klinio for that. 

So, if you struggle to manage both conditions at once, let Klinio help you.

Take some weight off your shoulders.

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