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How My Mom Defeated Mental Health Problems While Struggling With Type 2 Diabetes

My mother has always been a strong woman. She’s 57 years old, independent, and working hard to provide for her family. 

So when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year ago, I knew she would fight and do everything in her power to manage her condition. 

Unfortunately, along with the physical challenges of having diabetes, none of us expected the mental health struggles she had to deal with.

This is the story about how diabetes transformed my mother into a person I didn’t recognize. 

I feel I need to tell her story to raise awareness about the seriousness of diabetes and the mental health dangers related to this diagnosis.

I noticed my mother starting to have emotional problems not long after the diagnosis.

It wasn’t surprising she was feeling a lot of stress regarding her condition.

She had a lot on her plate.

She wanted to lose the excess weight and stabilize her blood pressure, which required completely changing her eating habits.

It was both demanding and exhausting to follow diets that didn’t even seem to work.

All of those diets were just temporary patches that didn’t solve the main problem. 

And seeing no actual results, she started neglecting her healthy habits and eating whenever and whatever she pleased.

It seemed like she didn’t have the motivation to do anything anymore. 

I could see she was out of it. She had completely given up on trying to improve her health and let herself go.

She spent most of her time now slacking on the couch, snacking, and watching TV.

Her portion control was a total mess too. She always ate until she was so full that it was quite hard to move after dinner time had passed,

After a while, she started having significant mood swings, which was a bit out of the ordinary for her.

She had always been a cheerful and positive person, and even with all this stress after her diagnosis that didn’t change much.

However, now she was often annoyed and threw fits on a regular basis.

She got irritated very easily and kept lashing out at me and my father over insignificant things. 

It was so unlike her to act this way that I knew something was definitely wrong.

At first, I didn’t want to say anything, as this diagnosis was hard enough on her.

However, as time passed, she started to feel like somebody else.

An irritated and distant person was replacing the happy and energetic person I once knew.

I tried to talk to her about it and suggested seeking help from her doctor, but that just started another argument.

I didn’t know what to do or how to help her. 

This went on for several months until one day, we got really worried.

In the morning my mom felt nauseous and threw up after breakfast. 

We didn’t think much of it as we thought she ate something bad. 

However, an hour later she went to the toilet to vomit again and wasn’t able to get up from it.

Although she refused, my dad and I rushed her to the hospital to have her checked up and figure out what was going on.

The doctor’s diagnosis explained it all.

The constant mood swings and vomiting were influenced by none other than diabetes.

Her blood sugar levels reached 203 mg/dL.

The doctor said she needed to change her daily routine or her symptoms would get worse.

My mom was not happy to hear this, to say the least.

She had tried all the diets before. It did nothing for her.

All it did was exhaust her and set her up to fail.

So it was hard to blame her for not wanting to return to those diets again.

She was convinced there was no way out of this.

I wanted to help her as much as possible, so I browsed the net.

Soon enough, I found myself reading about this app called Klinio that supposedly was both your guide and your meal planner.

My mom is quite tech-savvy, so I thought an app would be perfect for her.

I cannot say she wasn’t skeptical about all of this.

As I mentioned, she hadn’t had the best experience with diets.

However, after a little convincing, she knew she had nothing to lose and gave it a shot.

And after a few weeks, Klinio was all I heard about.

She was so full of positivity and just pure hope.

She finally discovered what could actually work and help her.

She told me all about her experience with this program.

How delicious the meals were, and how easy it was to make them since there was a weekly shopping list on the app.

How she started tracking her water intake and her daily activities, and how it became a fun challenge for her to see how she could outdo herself every day.

I was thrilled to finally see my mom happy and energized as she used to be.

She was feeling healthy, motivated, and looking forward to the future.

Her blood sugar was stable, and she even lost 13 pounds while eating delicious foods.

It hasn’t been an easy path, and if we had found this app sooner, it could have been easier.

However, seeing my mom now, I’m positive that every previous failure got her to this point in her life.

I’m so proud of my mom for not giving up and trying to get back on her feet despite all the challenges.

I hope that by sharing her story, I can help others who might be struggling with these kinds of problems.

If you or someone you know is going through a hard time while dealing with diabetes and facing similar symptoms, I cannot recommend Klinio enough for you.

It helped my mom get her life back, and I believe it can help you too.

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