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I Tried 3 Popular Diets to Lose Weight. Which One Worked?

If you ever tried losing weight, you know the feeling. 

You hit the bed with an empty stomach, can’t stop thinking about food, and keep a tally of every bite you take.

Honestly, not enough folks talk about how hard it can be when you make the decision to lose weight.

You need to change a lot in your life, and the food was definitely the hardest part for me.

Honestly, when I first decided to lose weight, I had no idea where to start

I was buying groceries that looked like they were “good” for me.

The labels on the products said nothing to me, but I still religiously checked every one of them.

It took me several years to find a solution that worked for me.

But, before that, I tried out a few diets that I’d like to share with you.

It would have saved me time and energy to know more about these diets before I started them.

That’s why, I would like to share my personal experience with them while trying to lose weight. 

Although everyone’s experience can be different, I hope my honest opinion on each one can help you make a decision about which one to try.

#1 Atkins 

Atkins is broken down into multiple stages, and as you go through these stages, your daily carb allowance increases.

You start from 20–40g carbs per day and increase it little by little, but don’t exceed 100g per day.

And throughout these stages, I did lose weight – 12lbs in total. 

This diet was quite effective in helping me lose weight quickly, but I knew it would be temporary.

I hated eating only fats. Two months in, and I couldn’t even look at cheese and beef.

I also experienced fatigue and dizziness, especially in the beginning.

It also required quite a lot of planning and preparation, so I found it challenging to stick with it long-term.

My verdict: The Atkins diet was way too limiting for me. I couldn’t handle the drastic change of eating only fats. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick with it in the long run.

#2 Vegan diet

The vegan diet restricts all animal products, so no meat, eggs, or dairy.

Since this diet is very low fat and high fiber, it made me feel fuller for longer, and I even noticed that my digestion improved while following it.

I saw a drop in my weight, but honestly, it was really challenging to follow it, especially when dining out or being with my friends.

Many restaurants didn’t offer vegan options, which made eating out really limited and inconvenient.

I also noticed I spent more money while eating vegan because some products were more expensive, especially organic or specialty vegan products. 

My verdict: While the vegan diet helped me drop some pounds, the drawbacks outweighed the benefits for me. Not only was it pricey, but it was also inconvenient.

#3 Intermittent fasting

While I was on intermittent fasting, I took breaks from eating during the day.

It was not about what I ate, but when I ate.

I did the 16:8 method, where you only eat for 8 hours, like from 1 PM to 9 PM, and then fast for 16 hours. 

One great thing about this diet was that I didn’t have to worry about counting calories or cutting out my favorite foods. 

But on the flip side, that might be why it didn’t work for me – there weren’t any clear rules or guidelines to follow.

The fasting part of the diet was a struggle for me. I was hungry most of the time, and when it finally came time to break my fast, I just wanted something super satisfying and yummy. 

Since there weren’t really any rules, I usually ended up going overboard and eating too much.

All in all, this diet didn’t really do the trick for me. I didn’t end up losing any weight.

My verdict: The lack of restrictions in this diet may have seemed like the best part, but it turned out to be the main reason why this diet didn’t work for me. 

These fad diets I found online weren’t working for me

To lose weight, I realized that I needed to follow a balanced and healthy eating plan that fit my current habits. 

Following a diet that required turning my lifestyle upside down was obviously not a long-term choice. 

That’s how I thought of going to a dietitian who could provide a more personalized approach.

The dietitian crafted a plan that seemed doable, and I could actually see myself sticking to it. 

It gave me hope that it would work differently from previous diets I had tried. 

The downside was that it was quite expensive, but I knew I had to do something to drop those pounds, so I was willing to invest.

I got a personalized weight loss plan for 3 months, and it seemed to work! 

I actually saw some changes in my body and ended up shedding around 15lbs.

But then came the time to renew for another 3 months, and, well, my wallet wasn’t ready for it. 

The plan itself was already expensive, and I had to buy all these fancy products to go along with it. So, I had no choice but to cancel.

And after just a month, I was feeling like I was slipping back into old habits. 

I was skipping meals and then making up for it by eating way too much later on. My whole eating schedule was a mess.

But I knew I couldn’t afford to go back to the dietitian’s plan again.

That was when I found this app

It’s called Klinio, and it was a game changer for my weight loss.

It created a personalized meal plan based on my favorite foods, using a quick quiz to learn about my habits, health, and lifestyle. 

It was like having a mini dietitian in my pocket! 

The app also sent me daily health tips to keep me educated and motivated.

Plus, it took care of all the planning for the week, even giving me a grocery list so I didn’t have to stress about finding the right ingredients.

And the best part? If I didn’t like a meal, I could easily switch it up for something else. 

Klinio’s got over 45,000 recipes to choose from, so it was easy to find something that I would enjoy.

I’m not kidding when I say using this app brought back the consistency and focus I needed to finally shed those pesky pounds. 

It’s only $11 a month – that’s the price of two cups of coffee…

And it’s worth every penny. 

Plus, the food I needed for my meals didn’t cost me as much as with the dietitian’s plan. So, I saved even more cash.

Now here’s the best part, I’ve lost over 40lbs thanks to Klinio!

This app lets me enjoy my favorite foods and shed pounds in a smart way instead of depriving myself.

So if you’re still on the hunt for a weight loss solution that fits your budget and your lifestyle, give Klinio a try. 

Trust me, it’s simpler than you think, and it might just be the thing that works for you.

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