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Reversing Prediabetes With the Keto Didn’t Work for Me Until I Changed This One Thing

Is the keto diet the right choice when you have prediabetes?

Yes, it is!

I’m sure of it now. But I wasn’t so sure at first. In fact, 8 months ago, I wasn’t sure of anything when it came to eating.

That was when I started looking into various diets to help with my prediabetes.

Everything was confusing, and nothing seemed to work until I found the solution that put everything into place.

Since then, I have lost weight and gained confidence in my looks.

Most importantly, I have prevented my condition from turning into diabetes.

And now, I want to help others do the same by sharing my experience.

Let me start at the beginning.

My name is Violet, I’m 36, and I was afraid to start the keto diet for my prediabetes without any guidance

In my 20s, I was never exactly a supermodel, but I wasn’t in really bad shape either.

Sometimes I would notice my waist getting bigger, and I would try some fad diet to lose a few pounds. 

Those pounds would come back eventually, and then I’d have to go through it all over again.

The same thing would repeat year after year, but it didn’t really bother me.

I thought of it as a sort of routine that most women go through from time to time.

But there came a point when everything began to change.

I was 32 and just starting to go back to work after having my second child.

It’s not easy to watch what you eat when you are taking care of two small boys while struggling to still have a career of sorts.

No time to notice how you look, let alone think about diets when you’re always in a rush.

Of course, I was aware that my figure and overall well-being were changing for the worst.

But this just added to my stress, which made me want to grab another snack, eat some candy, or have a second lunch.

It was like a never-ending cycle of stress and eating that kept spinning faster and faster…

A visit to the doctor’s office changed it all…

I knew I was overweight when I went in for a checkup a year ago…

But the diagnosis of prediabetes hit me like a bolt of lightning.

I realized that I could no longer put my health on the back burner – it had to become my top priority.

The doctor gave me some basic advice about diet and exercise and sent me home. 

Clearly, I had to make some lifestyle changes, starting with what I ate.

The problem was that raising children is not the cheapest thing you can do.

And going back to work for a few years didn’t exactly make me a millionaire.

So a private nutritionist was out of the question.

“OK, don’t panic, you went to college – surely you can figure this out with a little research,” I told myself. 

So I started googling the best weight loss diets to reverse prediabetes.

There were a lot of suggestions, but keto was the one that stood out to me. 

I had tried it for short periods of time when I was trying to lose weight, so I felt like I knew a little bit about it.

The basics were pretty clear to me – you eat fewer carbs and more fat, so your body burns the fat for energy.

But then it got confusing

The more medical articles, interviews, and online forums I went through, the less I understood about keto and prediabetes.

On the one hand, I found studies showing that keto really helped people with my condition to control blood sugar and lose weight.

The body breaks carbohydrates into blood glucose, so fewer carbs – less sugar in your blood.

Sounds good, right?

But then there were all these warnings about the medical risks of the keto diet.

I already have prediabetes, I don’t want to add liver or kidney problems to it!

So, should I do it or not?

The more different points I read about keto, the more confused I got.

“Just tell me what to do!” I wanted to yell at the screen.

Either way, I knew I had to do something to fight my prediabetes.

So I started trying the keto diet cautiously, and it did… nothing

Well, alright, not entirely nothing.

I did lose 4 pounds in a little over a week. 

But then some of those pounds came back.

It was just like those yo-yo diets I was following in my 20s. 

I knew that the problem was that I wasn’t sure what I was doing.

I tried to read the labels on the products and track my carbs, but I would forget it sometimes.

And to be honest… I wasn’t really trying that hard to stick to the diet.

And it wasn’t just because it was hard to figure out what to eat, and I wasn’t always in the mood for low-carb food. 

That was a big part of it, for sure!

But I was also afraid of all those health risks I was reading about.

I mean, I was already feeling some side effects, like nausea.

What will happen if I go all the way?

So, I just couldn’t commit.

But then I found what I needed!

I joined a lot of prediabetes groups on Facebook and other sites when I was first diagnosed.

At first, I was more concentrated on reading articles and studies about the keto diet and prediabetes.

But getting tired of it all made me want to just read about other people like me sharing their experiences.

It was on one of those forums that I first heard about the Klinio app.

Some woman mentioned in a comment that she follows the keto diet on this app. 

Then I noticed more and more people with diabetes and prediabetes saying how this app has helped them.

So I got interested and checked their reviews on Trustpilot, which sounded very promising.

Soon I downloaded the app and started using it myself.

It only took a few days to realize that this was exactly what I needed!

Here’s why.

A personal prediabetes assistant in my pocket

Ordering a Klinio plan starts with filling out a free quiz about your weight, health, food preferences, etc.

Then they create a personalized meal and exercise plan for you based on your answers.

So, I chose the ketogenic diet in the app, and it gave me all the information I needed.

Suggestions for every meal, every day! Complete with recipes and shopping lists.

I no longer felt like yelling at the screen – the screen actually told me what to do!

And if I didn’t like one of the suggestions, I could just ask for another one, and there it was!

I no longer had to think about what I could and could not eat on my keto diet.

And I felt really safe because they explained everything about keto and prediabetes in simple terms.

I really felt like I had the world’s cheapest personal diet assistant in my pocket. 

Less than a year later, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, feeling great, and determined to stay healthy.

So if you are struggling with the keto diet or any other diet for your prediabetes or diabetes…

Just know that you don’t have to do it alone. 

There are communities for people like you and me, and we all help each other out.

I wish I’d known about this Klinio app sooner, which is why I’m sharing it with you now.

So you can start your journey to feeling better as soon as possible.

We’re in this together, and we can do it!

To get started, select your goal and complete the quiz:

Always consult a professional for medical advice

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