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How Sharon (61) Controlled Her Prediabetes and Avoided Starting Medicine for Type 2 Diabetes

Like so many others, I’ve struggled with weight and healthy eating for most of my life.

I always had some excess weight that I wanted to lose, but as time passed, I accepted it. The results I used to get from trying various diets just weren’t worth all of the effort and struggle I went through, so I decided to drop them.

It wasn’t all that bad while we were living in the suburbs. I ate pretty much what I wanted, but I moved quite a lot while doing all the chores around the house.

We had a big garden I loved taking care of, which required quite a lot of time outside and usually gave me my daily exercise.

However, after my youngest daughter moved out, we understood that our house was just too big and impractical for me and my husband alone.

As much as I loved our house, my husband and children insisted that we search for a smaller apartment in the city. They convinced me that it would be great to change our surroundings and turn a new chapter in our lives.

So after half a year, we moved to a cozy apartment in the center of Concord.

To be honest, it didn’t take that much time to adjust. We quickly fell in love with the place and the advantages that came with living in the city.

We started to go out for dinners, visit the cinema and the theater more often, and also order home deliveries as it was much more convenient here.

As fun as it may have been, I soon noticed the negative aspect of all of this.

I was gradually gaining more and more weight.

Without all the work around the house, I didn’t move that much anymore, and our lifestyle in the city wasn’t doing me any favors either.

I didn’t weigh myself so I had no idea how much I’d put on, but I could visibly see it in the mirror and feel my clothes become tighter and tighter.

I felt quite uncomfortable, so at that point, I decided to pay more attention to what I ate and try to cut off all of the unhealthy snacks like popcorn at the movies and the casual chocolate candies from the counter.

It had gone well for some time, as I could see that I’d lost some weight. However, the effect was the same as with the diets I used to try in the past.

I couldn’t continue eating bland food and having no sweets at all forever.

So, after seeing some results, I gradually fell back into my old routine.

A few snacks here and there, soda at the cinema, candy bar after a creamy lasagna, and soon enough, I was right back where I started.

At that point, I had lost interest in trying to lose those pounds again, and frankly, I had no motivation.

So, I just let myself go while ignoring the weight that was piling up.

It went like that for a while until it wasn’t only the reflection in the mirror that bothered me, but I also felt my excess weight’s effect on my health.

I got out of breath quickly, started to have cramps quite often, and always felt thirsty.

These symptoms were completely new to me, so I decided to go for a quick checkup.

That was when the news of prediabetes hit me.

I weighed 216 lbs, my AC1 was 6.2, and I was on the brink of being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and put on medicine.

This news put me both in shock and fear.

It may sound naïve, but I had never imagined my weight could influence my health so much, I always thought of it more as just an inconvenience to my self-esteem.

However, I understood that I needed to take action and learn more about prediabetes and how to prevent it from progressing.

My doctor explained that I needed to concentrate on my nutrition and increase my physical activities, but that was easier said than done.

I already knew that any dieting I’d tried before didn’t fit me and backfired every time, so I needed to find a different approach.

I tried searching the net for answers but all I found were loads of articles about diabetes that contradicted each other.

There was so much information that I didn’t understand whom to believe and what to use as my guide.

I felt like I was all over the place, trying one thing and later trying the total opposite.

When my kids came to visit, they were really worried about me and said they had done some research about what could help me.

One of the suggestions they highlighted was a diabetes management app called Klinio, which included a personalized meal plan and various tools to track my progress.

At first, I was taken aback a bit. An app? To solve my problems?

Thinking an app could help me in this situation sounded a bit far-fetched…

Plus, I couldn’t say I was that good with technology, so I wasn’t even sure If I could be able to follow this app, whatever it suggests.

However, my kids downloaded the app to my phone and showed me how to use it step by step. It actually surprised me how easy it was, it was really straightforward and well structured.

The meal plan was put according to my preferences which included the number of meals I wanted to have per day and the ingredients I wanted to include in my dishes.

That was the first time I saw something like that in a diet. It was always me who needed to adjust to the diet, and now it felt like the meal plan completely adapted to me and my needs.

While following the meal plan, I started doing some exercise too. I didn’t want to go to the gym, and the best part was that I didn’t need to.

A few times per week, I did some of the most simple exercises from the Klinio home workout program, but honestly, I was more a fan of just walking around the neighborhood early in the morning.

This helped me stay physically active, see interesting places around the city and even get to know more of my neighbors.

At my last visit to the doctor, my blood sugar levels were down to 5.6 A1C, and I even lost 41 pounds!

The weight loss was quite apparent as it got much easier for me to move, and I didn’t have the cramps anymore.

The constant thirst was also gone, and I felt more energetic overall.

Most importantly, I knew this wasn’t anything like the previous diets I’d tried.

This wasn’t a diet. It was a lifestyle guide that helped me change in small and simple steps.

The way it educated me and opened my mind to healthy living made a difference in my approach to prediabetes and how I live with it.

I’m really grateful Klinio made its way to me, and that’s why I’m sharing my story.

I don’t know where I would be if I continued to wander around the internet and try various solutions that wouldn’t even work for me.

So, if you have prediabetes or are battling type 2 diabetes, I encourage you to give Klinio a chance and see the difference it brings. You’ve got nothing to lose except the extra pounds!

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