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How to Prevent Diabetes Naturally? 3 Easy steps

“After failing every diet there was, I never expected the results Klinio has brought me – I’ve lost 31 lbs.”

Gary’s health had been steadily declining for years, and his prediabetes was getting more challenging to manage.

He knew that the only way he could stop himself from developing type 2 diabetes would be by changing what he ate, but it seemed like all of these diets just made things worse.

He tried intermittent fasting, low-carb and keto diets (and every other weird meal plan imaginable), yet each time Gary gave up on them, with weight gain coming back even faster than before.

He strained himself every day and ate foods that he mostly didn’t like or even hated. Ironically, all he did was think about eating as he was constantly hungry.

After starving himself for a while like this, he would indulge in his old habits and put on even more weight. It was a vicious cycle that he couldn’t break from.

However, after finding Klinio, Gary finally felt what it meant to eat healthily and actually enjoy it. After completing the quiz, Gary got a fully personalized Klinio meal plan that allowed him to eat foods of his choice.

Finally, he could eat satisfying meals without feeling guilty or giving up his taste buds!With a few tweaks to his everyday meals,Gary has already lost 31 lbs and lowered his A1C to 5.7. Most importantly, he avoided diabetes and set himself on a healthy course going forward.

Expert says:

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Straining yourself with dreadful and strict diets will never create lasting results. They will only exhaust you and demotivate you from continuing your health journey.

Keep your calories in check, but instead of starving yourself, substitute “empty calories” food with fiber-rich meals that are more filling and have a low glycemic index. There are plenty of delicious prediabetes-friendly recipes that can keep you happy and healthy throughout the day. The only way to lose weight and manage prediabetes is to eat food that fits your lifestyle and that you truly enjoy. Finding a balance between healthy and delicious food is the only way to stay consistent and see long-lasting weight loss and health results.

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“Just the thought of exercising and going to the gym gave me anxiety. I wish I knew that the solution to my troubles was this easy.”

Ana had been living with prediabetes for 2 years when she started experiencing fatigue and weekly headaches. Her blood sugar was constantly spiking, so she knew something needed to change before it got worse.

After downloading Klinio, Ana was really impressed with the personalized meal plan that she got. However, her major discovery came when she realized how different this app made her feel toward exercising.

Although Ana had always known that exercise was good for her health, she struggled to find an activity that she would enjoy, and that was suitable for her age at 57.

The exercises she found on the internet left her feeling exhausted and mostly nauseous instead of energized.

She was extremely self-conscious about her body, making the gym one of the scariest places for her. She believed that because she was so unfit, everyone was looking at her and laughing behind her back. It didn’t help much either that she didn’t know how to use half of the equipment there.

Ana is grateful to have found Klinio, which taught her that exercising doesn’t necessarily need to leave you sweat-soaked and tired on the floor.

It can be just a nice long walk in the mornings, chores around the house, or a simple stretch in the evening. Basically, just not sitting all day and moving as much as she can.

With the help of Klinio, Ana has already lost 26 lbs. and stabilized her blood sugars to around 5.6 A1C. She feels better than ever and has now effortlessly incorporated movement into her daily routine without feeling stressed or anxious.

Expert says:

Exercise is vital for your physical and mental health, especially if you have prediabetes. Whether you’re a couch potato or a fitness junkie, it’s recommended to incorporate physical movement into your daily routine.

Harvard Health suggests 115 minutes of moderate exercise per week (or 75 minutes if it’s vigorous), and there are plenty of ways to get this done without having to go to the gym. Any moderate physical activity counts.

Walking, running, biking, dancing, gardening, or even cleaning up around the house can help keep us healthy as long as we make sure our heart rate goes up while doing them.

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“Who knew that using the food in my pantry would help me drop 40 pounds?”

Lucy was constantly overeating, and take-outs were her everyday go-to choice. Her busy work life as a nurse made her neglect cooking at home, so the groceries in the fridge would go to waste every week.

When the weekend rolled around, she had an irresistible urge to get her health back on track and stocked up the fridge with loads of veggies. However, when it came down to actually cooking anything, she felt like there was nothing usable.

In the end, she would just order in and wouldn’t think about it too much. That’s how weeks and months had passed.

Not long after, she put on over 40 lbs, her blood sugar was over 140 mg/dl, and she was diagnosed with prediabetes.

This led her to search for a solution and find the Klinio app, which changed her perspective on healthy living and cooking itself.

She understood that she used to buy groceries mindlessly without planning her meals out for the week. That’s why she felt she got no useable ingredients at home. Klinio’s grocery list that came with a personalized meal plan was a life-changer for her.

She had a whole week’s grocery list made for her that lifted the stress of thinking about what to buy for the meals planned ahead, and the best part was that half of the ingredients were already in her pantry. The foods were accustomed to her, so they were local and simple to find.

Klinio’s grocery list was a major help in keeping the healthy choices consistent, as she would always have something healthy and tasty in the fridge throughout the week. Keeping up with this lifestyle has helped Lucy lose over 40 pounds by now and fit into her old clothes again. Moreover, she had managed her prediabetes and dropped her blood sugar down to around 130 mg/dl.

Expert says:

There are a lot of ways to make eating with prediabetes a bit easier. Among choosing the right carbs and keeping a food diary, another efficient way to improve your nutrition is to make a list before going to the grocery store.

Make sure to make a list of all that you need and stick to it. Going to a store with a list can help you avoid impulsive purchases like processed foods and unhealthy snacks. Having the necessary groceries for the week not only eliminates the headache of thinking about what to make for dinner but also helps you prep food for the days ahead.

You don’t need to prepare meals for the whole week. You might just do it for a few days, or you can begin by only preparing your breakfasts for the upcoming week. That instantly ensures you 7 healthy meals per week.

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